Too busy to go to the gym?  Why not have access to your own personal trainer on line!   Perhaps you do go to the gym and  just don’t know what sort of exercises to do when you do go and you’re too embarrassed to ask one of the trainers at the gym who looks too busy to help you.  E-fitness on line offers a 90 day program based on your own individual needs.   Tailored to you, E-fitness also provides on-line support, ask questions via email, get your program updated and have a one on one consultation once a month on line via Skype

Ideal for the busy professional or business owner, E-Fitness has two levels of packages, which one suits you?


Exercise Programs designed around your needs.  You provide me with the list of equipment you have at your disposal and I will design your own program using your own equipment, do it in your home or at the gym and use their equipment. 


Exercise Programs designed around your needs.   All exercises are based on body weight, no equipment necessary.  Enjoy doing these exercises in the park or in the comfort of your own home or in the office at lunch time.  

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